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Galveston Children's Museum

Galveston Children's Museums

Galveston Children's Museum

Founded in 2014 the Galveston Children’s Museum is housed on the first floor of Moody Mansion. Though they are separate entities, you can still feel and see the presence of the moody Mansion. As soon as you enter the Galveston Children’s Museum you will notice that behind the counter, next to the wonderfully displayed PEZ collection, is the main board for the Moody Mansion intercom System that runs throughout the house.

From there you are then transported into a world of wonder and discover designed for children between 2 and 10 years old. There are so many interactive activities for the kids to explore throughout the museum. Each room has something different to engage their minds and open their imagination to new things and possibilities.

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Activities Throughout The Musuem

Fish Harbor

Here the children can explore the sea, captaining their own crew and working the shrimp nets and fishing lines, hauling in the day’s catch. Complete with life jackets, rain gear, fishing nets and poles, they can feel what it’s like to bring in the catch of the day. Fish, lobster, crab, and other sea creatures are about for the kids to hook and catch their limit. And with safety first always at the forefront, there is a lifeguard stand just across the way, complete with the Flag Warning System, for keeping watch over anyone who may need help while in the water.

More Interactive Activities

With a stage and spotlight, children can perform for the audience and showcase their hidden or perhaps well-known talents. There is a reading nook in a nice, quiet area with carpet and pillows to relax and take in a good book. They can explore the wonder of light and color in the Light Playroom.

Imagine It and Build It

Challenge your child’s imagination and creativity with a magnetic board where kids can arrange and understand gears and how they interact with one another. They can experiment with spinning tops and see how the shape and weight effect the performance of each. Build ramps and mazes to perform Rube Goldberg type machines and try to predict the outcome.

Kid's Clinic

Wondrous things are happening in both the human and animal body. Here kids can explore the medical professions of doctors and veterinarians and discover so much about health and how the body works. Open their minds to positivity when visiting the doctor and why it is so important to take care of yourself and always listen to and share information with your doctor. While learning, children are reminded to always ask permission before petting an animal, be gentle with animals, and that healthy pets need a proper diet and exercise. Don’t we all.

Restaurant Time

Step into an authentic Italian Galveston restaurant and run things how you see fit. Everything you need for a successful lunch or dinner rush is right at your fingertips. From the guests entering your establishment they are greeted and can choose between a booth or table to enhance their dining experience. In the booth patrons will find their very own, personal replica juke box to play their song choice in their head while they wait for the brick oven prepared pizza. A phone on the wall is ready for any incoming calls for reservations, to-go orders, or to answer any questions about the restaurant. Once the diners have finished their meals, they can be rung up on the cash register by the front.

Sponsorships and Volunteers

Galveston Children’s Museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization approved in 2014. Volunteers are always welcome and needed. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, you can contact them at Several exhibits throughout have been provided, funded, or sponsored by places like Mario’s Seawall Italian & Pizzeria, Noon Optimist Club of Galveston, UTMB, and many more.


Held throughout summer from June 2nd thru August 9th, these 3-day camps will make exploring fun and learning second-nature. 3-day camps meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00AM-3:00PM.

Let your creativity and building imagination run wild during Maker Camp. Prepare yourself for some exciting creations using the same process, tools, and materials used by engineers and artists. Be ready to make “something yummy, something that wiggles & scoots, something that defies gravity, something that shines, and more!” Register Here!

Come one, come all to the best sewing extravaganza on Galveston as kids learn the ins and outs of sewing using methods of both hand sewing and machine sewing. Whether you are new or a seasoned pro, come to either develop or hone your skills in this camp and showcase your sewing creation at the end-of-camp fashion show! No experience is necessary! Register Here!

Kids will float through this camp with a breeze as they learn about the two of the most prevalent elements on our planet and the powers they harness. Learn how to use their power to move a vehicle. Join in the fun of learning how things float and watch as others fly. Register Here!

Space is limited to 10 campers so make sure you secure your spot early or this wonderfully hands-on adventure into robotics. As will every camp, there is no experience necessary and is intended for all skill levels. Starting from scratch, the kids will build a robot from the ground up using Lego WeDo, a system designed to enhance children’s curiosity and science skills. Register Here!

Calling all designers and architects! This is your camp to show what you can do, or learn what you can do, and then show it! Kids will be given instructions in different cardboard techniques of construction and design, and then set off to push the limits of their imaginations. Kids can build castles, chairs, rockets, and anything else they can imagine! Register here!

  • Camps are held from 9:00AM-3:00PM
  • Minimum age is 4yrs Old
  • Bring Lunch and Water
  • Friday Camp is held in Upstairs Classroom

Bring Lunch and Water.

Register Here for Water Camp!

Bring Lunch and Water.

Register Here for Kite Camp!

  • Members: Free
  • Infants: Free
  • 2+ Years: $10
  • Seniors: &8
  • SNAP/Medicaid: $3
  • Military: $8

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