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Discovery Pyramid

Discovery Pyramid

Discovery Pyramid

Step into the underworld of the deep blue sea and find what mysteries lie beneath. In a world teaming with unknown life, there is so much to discover that we have barely touched the surface of this vast, unknown world. Come explore with us and open your mind to what lies beneath.

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A mysterious creature we still don’t fully understand, sharks are cold blooded vertebrates, have fins, and breathe with gills. Though they are fish there are many defining characteristics that separate them from the others. Their aerodynamic body shape helps them glide through the water like a torpedo. Rigid fins provide stability, keeping them from rolling over in the water. Sharks have exposed gills through which water passes, allowing them to breathe. Most sharks either swim or rest in a current in order for the water to pass through their gills. Nurse sharks, however, can pump water through their gills, allowing them to lay motionless on the ocean floor.

Interactive Exhibits

Bring your underwater sea creature to life on their big screen and watch as they explore the ocean depths. Just color one of the fish of your choice and watch as they are brought to live in the virtual world under the sea.

Creatures of the Deep

Discover what lies far below, and how they have adapted to hunt their prey. The Gigantura is part of a species called a Telescopefish that go through dramatic changes in their lives as they grow through stages to become an adult. The change is likened to a tadpole becoming a frog. Fully grown they are about a foot long and use their big eyes that look like binoculars to search for its bioluminescent prey.

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