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Seawall Galveston Beaches

Immerse yourself in the coastal rhythm with Seawall Beaches

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A Seaside Symphony on Galveston Seawall Beach

Feel the soothing rhythm of waves meeting the shore as you stroll along Galveston’s famous Seawall. Extending over 10 miles, this historic barrier not only guards against the Gulf of Mexico but beckons all who explore its length to enjoy sun-soaked beaches and refreshing sea breezes. More than just a protective wall, Galveston Seawall Beach transforms into a lively destination, harmonizing scenic beauty, historic landmarks, and lively events into a perfect coastal retreat.

Galveston Beach

Galveston Popular access points across Galveston Seawall Beach

Discover tranquility at Babe’s Beach, an idyllic stretch nestled along Galveston’s Seawall. Characterized by calm waters and soft sands, this family-friendly haven provides a perfect backdrop for relaxation. Take in the serene ambiance, complemented by the nearby 61st Street Fishing Pier, where the ocean view serves as a picturesque backdrop for fishing enthusiasts and beachgoers alike. This beach access point, conveniently located near the convention center area, offers the added convenience of public showers. However, it’s important to note that parking is restricted on the beach itself. Visitors are required to park along the seawall and utilize a designated app for payment. Keep in mind that public parking directly on Seawall Beach is not permitted at any access point.

Discover the allure of Porretto Beach, nestled along 731 Seawall Blvd in Galveston, TX, just 48 miles from Houston. This coastal haven welcomes you with a range of amenities, including convenient public parking, seasonal lifeguard services, and the option to elevate your beach experience with chair and umbrella rentals. Indulge in beachside delights with the convenience of food delivered right to your rental chair, and explore nearby restaurants for a diverse culinary experience. For those seeking a dash of adventure, jet ski rentals are readily available, promising an exhilarating experience along the sun-soaked shores of Porretto Beach.

Embrace the beauty of Galveston Beach, a mere 48 miles from Houston. This expansive beach destination offers a host of amenities, including convenient access to public restrooms, a pet-friendly environment, and the option for both paid parking and free parking nearby. Relax in comfort with available beach chairs, and rest easy knowing that seasonal lifeguards are on duty to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Galveston Beach.

Discover the scenic expanse of Diamond Beach, situated at 10327 FM3005 in Galveston, TX, just 51 miles from Houston. While Diamond Beach doesn’t offer direct water access, it provides a picturesque vantage point to admire the sweeping views of the Gulf of Mexico, marking the beginning of the West End. This pet-friendly location boasts public parking nearby but doesn’t provide public restrooms or showers. Immerse yourself in the coastal beauty of Diamond Beach, where the allure of the Gulf meets the charm of Galveston’s West End

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