Escape the Island

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Escape the Island

Are you ready to put your wits to the test?  Can you decipher one clue after another to solve the riddles that will lead you to the next clue? Are you prepared to work as a team and use your combined skills to escape the certain doom that lies in wait if you fail? Escape the Island is waiting for their next victims. Join in and see how much of a Sherlock Holmes you are.

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They have so many different themes for you to choose. Just pick the one that floats your boat, or perhaps sinks it. Ever been terrified of getting stuck in an elevator and not knowing whether or not you will drop to your death? Well, if you don’t figure out the clues in time then you are destined for doom! There are six different scenarios from which you can choose.

You just think being kidnapped in an Attic was crazy, HOW ABOUT THE BASEMENT? The serial killer is at it again only NOW you are being held in a cold, wet, dark basement. Other victims may still be hanging around, but they are no real help because they are…..DEAD. You have 1 hour to find your way out of this basement before you become the next victim of this craziness. Look for clues, use your resources….most important….GET OUT! Time begins NOW……GO!!

For years it was believed that when Jean Lafitte was forced to leave his home in Galveston that his band of pirates loaded up their treasure and sailed away only to wreck their ship on what is now called Deer Island which is in West Bay not far from the Galveston shore.

You and your team of Marine Archeologists have been selected to examine the wreckage from the ship in order to see if you can discover the secrets within. Other teams from around the world have also asked to be allowed to study the ship’s remnants in order to see if they can be the one who unlocks the secrets of the lost treasure. Because of the importance of this discovery, your team will only have one hour to find the treasure and escape the room.



The 1900 Storm in Galveston, TX was the worst Hurricane in History to hit the Gulf Coast. With no real means of communications and no real way to notify residents on the Island, that the storm was coming, over 6000 people perished. It was the deadliest Storm Galveston ever faced. This storm resulted in the building of our current Sea Wall that protects our great Island.

Have you ever been in a real HURRICANE? Was it frightening? Did you lose electricity? Come join us in Isaac Cline’s Office and try to Stop the Storm from killing us today!



Are you afraid of tight places? Are you scared of ELEVATORS? Especially ones that are OUT OF ORDER? Jump right on, making your way to the Restaurant at the Galvez. Hope you don’t get stuck. Escape the Elevator before the last cable breaks and you drop to your death!



Your group is invited to spend a memorable night at the Balinese Room in its heyday of the 1940’s. There you will enjoy your time in the nightclub and maybe even try your luck in the Casinobar. But remember, the police are on the way to raid the club and shut the place down. You have only one hour to enjoy all the fun that you can and find your way out of the room so that you can escape the raid!


Due to Alcohol and Gambling props, this room may not be suitable for young children! There is NOT real alcohol in the room!

Do you have what it takes to be a Crime Scene Investigator? Galveston, TX CSI Team is recruiting and YOU have applied! We have some “Cold” cases of gruesome murders and the guy (or gal) has never been caught! Find the killer in these cases and you are sure to be Galveston’s next Crime Scene Investigators! You have one hour! GO!!!!!

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