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Saltgrass Steak House 

1502 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

Saltgrass Steakhouse Wagon Wheel

1502 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550


Saltgrass Steak House 

Follow the Saltgrass Trail to the Saltgrass Steakhouse and enjoy Steaks, Chicken, and Seafood, chargrilled to perfection. Join the campfire-style tradition and enjoy some homemade from scratch breads, dressings, desserts, and more.

What’s on the Menu

Range Rattlers | 13.79

Jumbo jalapeños, shrimp, jack cheese, cilantro, ranch dressing. 

Fried Mushrooms | 8.99

Dusted with Parmesan, ranch dressing. 

Cheese Fries | 11.99

Jack & cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, green onions, ranch dressing.

Queso Fresco with Brisket | 14.49

Queso blanco, slow braised brisket, pico de gallo, cilantro, green onions, tostada chips.

Fried Onions | 9.99

Border sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail | 12.99

Served cold, pico de gallo, cocktail sauce.

Pickles & Peppers or Just Pickles | 8.99

Lightly fried, ranch dressing.

Tenderloin Bites | 10.99

Sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, chimichurri.

Brad’s Crab Stack | 18.99

Spiced lump crab, diced avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro, green onions, tostada chips.

Crab Cakes | 18.99

Lump crab meat, lemon butter, green onions, and crushed red pepper.

Homemade Soup of the Day | Cup 6.59 | Bowl 9.59

Homemade Soup of the Day and Salad | 12.79

Caesar or House Salad

Hill Country Salad | 15.99

Garden greens, fried chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, croutons

Grilled Chicken Salad | 15.99

Garden greens, tortilla strips, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, croutons.

Steak Salad | 19.49

Center-Cut Top Sirloin, crisp romaine, potatoes, eggs, flash fried green beans, black olives, onions, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, balsamic vinaigrette

Spring Strawberry Salad | 18.99

Baby field greens, grilled shrimp, strawberries, bacon, eggs, candied pecans, feta cheese, honey balsamic dressing.

Cheeseburger | 14.99

American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles. Served with fries.

Brisket Burger | 16.29

Fresh 1/2 lb burger, cheddar cheese, slow braised brisket, onions, pickles & BBQ sauce. Served with fries.

Vaquero Tacos | 16.29

Slow braised brisket, chipotle mayo, chimichurri, pickled slaw, pico de gallo, jack cheese, corn tortillas. Served with herb rice.

Nashville Hot Sandwich | 14.29

Spicy fried chicken, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, honey mustard. Served with fries.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich | 14.99

Bacon, jack cheese, lettuce , tomato, onions, pickles, honey mustard. Served with fries.

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