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Murphy's Pub

213-215 22nd St, Galveston, TX 77550

Murphy's Pub

213-215 22nd St, Galveston, TX 77550


Murphy's Pub

Grab a little luck of the Irish and stop into Murphy’s Pub on 22nd St. You may not find a four-leaf clover, but you will find a wide selection of pints and grub.

What’s on the Menu

Specialty Sandwiches

All served with chips and a pickle

Turkey Melt | 6.00

turkey, bacon and Swiss cheese on hot sourdough served with mayo, mustard lettuce, tomato and onion

The Duffy | 6.00

pastrami, salami and ham with melted Provolone and Swiss creamy Italian sauce on a toasted bun

The Ruben | 6.00

hot corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on dark rye bread with our special sauce on top

Classic BLT | 6.00

six slices of bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes served with mayo on toasted sourdough. (Onions too)

Le French Dip | 6.00

roast beef (thin sliced) and Swiss cheese on a toasted bun served with steaming au jus on the side

Murphy’s Pub Club | 6.00

ham, turkey, bacon and Swiss cheese with mayo, on three slices of toast. Lettuce, tomatoes and onion too

Handmade Pizza

Toppings 0.50

Pepperoni | sausage | Canadian bacon | pineapple | spinach | feta cheese | onions black olives | bell peppers | jalapenos

White Pizza | 9.00

garlic butter, spinach and feta

Hot Wings | 6.25

one dozen of our famous spicy wings, piping hot, and served with ranch dressing for dipping

Soup of the Day | 2.95

Asker Your Server What’s Cookin

What’s On Tap

Ace Pear Cider | Bass Ale | Blue Moon | Boddington’s | Budweiser | Bud Light | Coors Light | Dos XX Lager | Fat Tire | Franziskaner | Guinness Stout | Harp Lager | Heineken | Hoegaarden | Killian’s Red | Miller Lite | Murphy’s Red | Newcastle Brown | Paulaner Hefe | Pilsner Urquell | Pyramid Hefe Weissen | Samuel Adams Lager | Shiner Bock | Sierra Nevada Pale Ale | Smithwick’s | St Arnold Brown | St Arnold | Stella Artois


Amstel Light | Budweiser | Bud Light | Coors Light | Corona | Dos XX Lager | Heineken | Lone Star | Michelob Ultra | Miller Lite | Red Stripe | Kaliber


Kendall Jackson | Chardonnay

Blackstone | Merlot

Yellow Cab | Cabernet

Wines – Sutter Home

Cabernet | Merlot | White Zin | Pinot Grigio

*Prices and Availability Subject to Change

Hours of operation

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