Downtown District

Pier 21

Always a part of Galveston Island culture and history, the Piers of Galveston have played an essential role throughout history. Today, you can find cruise ships, historic ships, museums, a drilling rig, and restaurants all along the Galveston Channel. You can even set sail on a party boat, dolphin tour or help crew one of the oldest ships in the world, The Tall Ship Elissa.

History of Pier 21

Port of Galveston designated Pier 19 to Pier 25 in the early 80’s as an area to promote tourism for Galveston Island. Through the years the area has brought in many attractions helping to attract visitors from all over. It has attracted commercial fisherman, fish houses supplying restaurants with the freshest fish possible, shops, a theatre, a small marina, and even an Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum.

Things to Do Around Pier 21

Galveston Historic Seaport

There are so many attractions in such a small area here at Pier 21. Just sitting on the dock and watching the ships come and go is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend the day. The Tall Ship Elissa is docked at Pier 22 at the Galveston Historic Seaport. They offer self-guided tours as well as day-sail trips available throughout the year as well. Discover what it’s like to sail on one of the oldest ships in the world.

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum

The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum is another attraction worth checking out. It is an actual retired jack-up drilling rig. There are three floors to explore at your own pace so take your time and try and take it all in. There are scale models, real drill bits, and remotely operated vehicles. There are also videos and exhibits all about drilling, geology, well servicing, and production. Learn about what it’s like to work on a rig and the equipment they must use and maintain.

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