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If you’re planning a vacation to Texas in search of a location that combines history, culture, and natural beauty, go no farther than Central Galveston. With museums like the Bryan Museum that houses so much of Texas’ history and The African-American Museum run by Josey, a native born Galvestonian who shares personal, living history of Galveston’s past, you will not want to miss visiting, exploring, or staying in Galveston’s Central District. 

With museums, historic homes, and beautiful parks, Central Galveston has a little of everything. Take a stroll through one of the parks, learn some Galveston History from the Bryan Museum, or just admire some of the history that is within many of the houses that reside in this district. Both Kempner Park and San Jacinto Park reside within the district and are wonderful places to visit and relax. 

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