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Your Galveston Cruise Vacation is about to begin!

Each Princess ship is a destination in its own right, featuring a wide array of amenities, exceptional dining experiences, and enjoyable activities. Below, you can explore the deck plans, stateroom specifics, dining options, and more for every vessel within our fleet. By visiting the links provided, you’ll discover what sets Princess apart and experience the unique attributes that make a Princess cruise extraordinary.

Experience love on a Princess® cruise, where we offer the exclusive MedallionClass® experience that others simply can’t match. We’re dedicated to sharing our favorite destinations and providing you with exceptional experiences at each one. Enjoy memorable multicourse meals, Broadway-style shows, comedy performances, live bands, and cozy staterooms featuring the Princess Luxury Bed – all included in one of the best vacation values available. The Love Boat® promises something special for everyone.

Savor expansive vistas from one of over 1,400 balconies on Regal Princess, or venture onto the SeaWalk®, an awe-inspiring glass-floor walkway extending 28 feet beyond the ship’s edge. The ship offers a plethora of diversions to match your every mood, including the serene Sanctuary, an exclusive retreat for adults, as well as the captivating Princess WaterColor Fantasy light and water show, among others.

Destinations include the Caribbean/Western Caribbean with Mexico with a duration of 7 to 12 Days.

Princess Cruise

Book your Princess Cruise from Galveston

Galveston serves as a popular cruise departure point in Texas, offering travelers a convenient gateway to various cruise destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Standard Policy for Guest Cancellations, Refunds & Final Payment

In the case that you need to cancel your cruise vacation, you may be charged a fee based on the standard Princess Cruises cancellation policy. The amount will depend on the length of your itinerary and how far in advance of your departure date that you cancel. Use the charts below to determine your refund.

If you’ve already purchased Princess Vacation Protection†, your refunds for covered cancellation reasons will continue to be governed by Princess Vacation Protection. Please review the plan coverage, conditions and exclusions for full details. We highly recommend that guests purchase Princess Vacation Protection – not only does it provide some peace of mind for unexpected cancellations, it also offers partial reimbursements for trip delays or interruptions, lost or damaged baggage and medical coverage.

†Princess Vacation Protection is available to residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec and Puerto Rico). Guests in other regions may have alternative coverage options and can refer to our FAQs for additional information.

Refund Schedules & Final Payment Due Date

For booked guests, please review your booking confirmation email which contains the cancellation schedule and final payment terms that apply to you. For full details and booking conditions, please also refer to the passage contract.

Since a cancellation by you likely means a diminished opportunity to sell space on other cruises/cruisetours, the cancellation fees in the schedules below apply regardless of whether Your space is resold. You hereby agree that losses sustained by us in the event of Your cancellation would be very difficult or impossible to quantify, and that the fees set forth in our cancellation policy represent a fair and reasonable assessment as liquidated damages. The amount of cancellation fee varies based on length of sailing for cruise/cruisetour and timing of cancellation for cruise/cruisetour and Cruise Plus package, as illustrated in the schedules below.

Sailings 5 days or less

Final Payment is due 75 days prior to departure

Days prior to Cruise or Land Package DepartureItem(s) AssessedCancellation Fee
75 days or moreNoneNone
45 to 74 daysCruise fareDeposit^ Amount
29 to 44 daysAll Items50% of Total Charges
15 to 28 daysAll Items75% of Total Charges
within 14 daysAll Items100% of Total Charges

Sailings 6 to 24 days (including World Cruise Segments)
Final Payment is due 90 days prior to departure

Days prior to Cruise or Land Package DepartureItem(s)* AssessedCancellation Fee
90 days or moreNoneNone
57 to 89 daysCruise fareDeposit^ Amount
29 to 56 daysAll Items50% of Total Charges
28-15 daysAll Items75% of Total Charges
14 days or lessAll Items100% of Total Charges
  • *Items: Cruise, Cruisetour, Cruise Plus Package, pre-purchased gift(s)/special services.
  • ^For those passengers booking a reduced deposit promotion, the initial cancellation fee amount will not exceed the deposit required/paid.

Sailings 25 days or more (including Full World Cruise & World Cruise Segments)
Final Payment is due 120 days prior to departure

Days prior to Cruise or Land Package DepartureItem(s)* AssessedCancellation Fee
120 days or moreNoneNone
90 to 119 daysCruise fareDeposit^ Amount
64 to 89 daysAll Items50% of Total Charges
43 to 63 daysAll Items75% of Total Charges
42 days or lessAll Items100% of Total Charges
  • *Items: Cruise, Cruisetour, Cruise Plus Package, pre-purchased gift(s)/special services.
  • ^For those passengers booking a reduced deposit promotion, the initial cancellation fee amount will not exceed the deposit required/paid.

All Pre- and Post-Cruise Hotel Packages (all cruise lengths)

Days prior to Holiday Departure^Cancellation Fee
57 days or moreNo cancellation Fee
56-29 days50% of Total Charges
28-15 days75% of Total Charges
within 15 days100% of Total Charges
  • ^Holiday Departure is the earlier of the cruise, cruisetour or hotel package start date.

A. If You have purchased a specially priced promotion where the deposit is 100% non-refundable from the point of payment, You are not entitled to any refund, payment, compensation or credit whatsoever of Your deposit under any circumstance if you cancel Your booking.

B. If you have purchased a specially priced promotion that is 100% non-refundable from the point of payment, You are not entitled to any refund, payment, compensation or credit whatsoever of Your Cruise or Cruisetour fare if You cancel Your booking.

Shore Excursion Cancellation Policy: For complete details on the terms and conditions governing Shore Excursions, please review Carrier’s Excursion Terms & Conditions.


Cruise Cancellations & Refunds FAQs

  1. How do I cancel?
    For bookings made directly with Princess Cruises, please visit the Customer Support and Information page. For all other bookings, please contact your travel advisor.

  2. How much will I be refunded?
    If you cancel, your refund amount will depend on the length of your itinerary and how far in advance of your departure date that you cancel. Please view the charts above to determine your refund eligibility.

  3. What is the time window for cancelling?
    While you can cancel your cruise at any time, your refund amount will depend on the length of your itinerary and how far in advance of your departure date that you cancel. Please view the charts above to determine your refund eligibility.

  4. When will I receive my refund if I cancel?
    We want you to know that we hear you and understand your frustration with the time it is taking to receive your refund. We are now refunding millions of dollars per week and are actively working through our back log. Our reservation and payment systems were not designed to handle this volume of refunds in a short period of time, and it is taking longer than we wanted. As we respect our guest’s money and time, we have increased the number of team members supporting this enormous effort and have made modifications to our systems. Thank you for your patience in these extraordinary circumstances. The latest updates regarding refunds can be viewed on our Notices & Advisories page.

  5. Am I eligible for cruise credit if I cancel?
    The standard Princess cancellation policy does not grant cruise credit, but residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding New York, British Columbia, Puerto Rico and Quebec) may be eligible with Princess Vacation Protection.

  6. How do I purchase cruise vacation protection if I may need to cancel?
    We highly recommend that you purchase vacation protection to offer some peace of mind and help you make the most of your trip. Princess Vacation Protection is available only to residents of the U.S. and Canada (not including New York, Puerto Rico and Quebec). It can be purchased at the time of booking or up until the final payment by visiting Cruise Personalizer. You can also call your travel advisor or visit the Customer Support and Information page. You are considered enrolled as soon as the cost plan has been paid. Please review the terms, conditions and exclusions of the plan by visiting our Princess Vacation Protection page and clicking on your state-specific plan documentation. Unsure if cruise insurance is worth it? Read about the benefits of Princess Vacation Protection.

    Guests in other regions may have alternative coverage options and they should refer to our FAQs for additional information.

  7. What will be refunded if I cancel?
    If you’ve pre-paid for shore excursions or onboard purchases, you will receive a full refund. The Princess Cruises refund policy states that you will also receive money back on taxes, fees, port expenses, transfers and surcharges. You may also receive a refund for part of your cruise fare depending on the length of your itinerary and how far in advance of your departure date that you cancel. Read our Passage Contract to learn more about refunds.

  8. Exceptions
    If you cancel, you will not receive a refund or cruise credit for the deposit or fare or your cruise/cruisetour if you have purchased a specially priced promotion where the deposit or fare is 100% non-refundable. To learn more about Princess cancellation policy exceptions, please read the Passage Contract.

  9. What is Princess cancels my cruise and I do not accept an alternate cruise or if Princess delays my cruise for more than 3 calendar days and I choose not to travel on a delayed cruise?
    Details are contained in our Nonperformance of Cruise: Refund Policy and Instructions.

Note: Select promotions require full payment at the time of booking.

Princess Cruise  accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB Card, and Diner’s Club.

General Information

“Princess” or “Princess Cruises” as used herein refers to and means the “Carrier” as defined in the Passage Contract. Transportation of guests and baggage on Princess ships is provided by the Carrier and is governed by the terms and conditions of the Passage Contract, which represents the agreement between the Carrier and the guest. It is important that you carefully read the entire Passage Contract, a copy of which is available on our website, princess.com, or which may be obtained from your travel advisor or Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd., and which sets forth the rights and responsibilities of Princess and the guest. Upon booking the cruise, you explicitly agree to the terms of the Passage Contract. Princess vessels are of Bermudan and British registry, and are operated as specified in the Passage Contract. Fares. Lead-in Original Fares are based on the lowest standard category stateroom for each category type. Original fares and other amounts shown are quoted in U.S. dollars unless stated otherwise; are available in North America only; are per person based on double occupancy and represent the lead-in introductory fares and are subject to change. “Cruise fares” and “Cruisetour” include accommodations from the initial point of vessel embarkation to the final point of disembarkation as specified in the travel itinerary (“the itinerary”), and all regular meals and entertainment while on board. “Cruise fares” and “Cruisetour” do not include airfare (unless specifically mentioned), transfers (except as noted in the itinerary), shore excursions, sightseeing or meals ashore (except as noted in the itinerary); taxes, fees and port expenses; crew incentives or service charges to ship and airport personnel, waiters, escorts and drivers (except as noted in the itinerary); beverages (not part of the regular menu); laundry service, or any other item of a personal nature. The cruise ticket and hotel packages are valid only for the named guest and may not be sold or transferred. • Single Occupancy Fares. Single guests occupying a stateroom pay an exclusive occupancy supplement of 200% for all categories. • Third and fourth guest. Special third- and fourthguest fares may be available. Call 1-800-774-6237 for fares. • Cruisetours. Cruisetour stateroom upgrade fares are available. Call 1-800-774-6237 for upgrade amounts. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses. The term “Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses,” as used by us, may include any and all fees, charges, tolls and taxes imposed on us by governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, as well as third-party fees and charges arising from a vessel’s presence in a harbor or port. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses may include U.S. Customs fees, head taxes, Panama Canal tolls, dockage fees, wharfage fees, inspection fees, pilotage, air taxes, hotel or VAT taxes incurred as part of a land tour, immigration and naturalization fees, and Internal Revenue Service fees. Port Expenses include fees paid to third parties for navigation, berthing, stevedoring, baggage handling/storage and security services. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses may be assessed per guest, per berth, per ton or per vessel. Assessments calculated on a per ton or per vessel basis will be spread over the number of guests on the Ship. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are subject to change and Princess reserves the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing even if the fare has already been paid in full. Fares, Other Charges and Schedules Subject to Change. Every effort will be made to adhere to the specifics shown herein and in the itinerary; however, circumstances may necessitate alterations. All fares for cruises and cruisetours and/or air/sea packages or other charges as well as schedules, port calls, hours of arrival and departure and special programs are subject to change without prior notice. Princess shall not be required to refund any portion of fares or other charges nor make any other compensation under these circumstances. Accordingly, Princess is not responsible for the change or cancellation of any personally scheduled event because of alterations to the itinerary of any cruise or land tour. Any cruise may be cancelled by Princess. Rates are published herein and no verbal quote to the contrary or misquotes will be honored. Princess reserves the right to collect any fare increase in effect at the time of sailing, even if the fare has already been paid in full. Reservations. A deposit must be received within 24 hours to three days of booking depending on the departure date and voyage length for all voyages, excluding the World Cruise and any World Cruise segment longer than 45 days, which require a deposit of 30% of the cruise fare. Call 1-800-774-6237 for details. Deposit per person, $USD (all guests) Sailing Length Inside, Oceanview, Balcony, Cabana & Mini Suites Suites 5 days or less $100 $200 6 to 9 days $250 $500 10 days or longer $400 $800 World Cruise 30% 30% For combined cruises, a deposit is required for each segment. Formal confirmation will be made to the guest’s travel advisor when the deposit is received. Princess must receive the balance of the cruise fare (Final Payment) according to the following schedule:

Cruises 5 days or less Final Payment due 75 days prior to sailing Cruises 6-24 days (including World Cruise Segments) Final Payment due 90 days prior to sailing Cruises 25 days or more (including Full World Cruise & World Cruise Segments) Final Payment due 120 days

For voyages 5 days or less: Bookings made within 14 days of departure require full payment. For voyages 6 days or longer: Bookings made within 30 days of departure require full payment at time of booking. Staterooms are subject to cancellation if deposit/ payments are not received within the periods stated above. Those with a POLAR Online Owner profile can pay for bookings using the secure “Bank Payment” function via onesourcecruises.com. All check payments for cruises and cruisetours should be sent to: Princess, Attn: Cash Applications, Post Office Box 9345, Seattle, WA 98119. All credit card payments for cruises should be phoned in to 1-800-421-1700. Preparing for your cruise. As you prepare for your Princess vacation, you will need to provide us with important information. Please visit the Cruise Personalizer at princess.com and review the Passage Contract, complete all required. Then visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Princess MedallionClass app. Once you have downloaded the app, open and follow the instructions to create an Ocean Profile and get OceanReady. Immigration details should be completed online using the Princess MedallionClass® app as part of the OceanReady® check-in process. Your Travel Summary, which may be viewed at any time from Cruise Personalizer, includes your itinerary, travel document/visa/vaccination requirements and more. Any additional documents such as airline eTicket receipts or paper air tickets, etc., may be sent via fax, mail or email to your travel advisor approximately 14 days prior to departure. If Internet access is not available, your travel advisor will assist you in securing the necessary information or call 1-800-774-6237 for assistance. Digital Documents. To help you plan for your vacation, you will receive a coordinated series of pre-cruise emails. Each email includes customized information about your reservation, interactive content, links to the Cruise Answer Place at princess.com as well as other helpful advice. OceanReady Pass and Luggage Tags. If you’ve completed the required OceanReady® check-in and have your Medallion® device, you can expect a streamlined embarkation. If you have not received your Medallion® ahead of time, you will be asked to show your OceanReady pass to terminal personnel during the health screening process and once again at check in. This pass can be accessed through the Princess MedallionClass® app on your smart device. To streamline the check-in process, we ask that you print your OceanReady pass. Your OceanReady pass only becomes available once you complete your health questionnaire and accept passage contract and acceptances. Please remember to have your Medallion® and your mobile device with the Princess MedallionClass® app downloaded when you get to the terminal. Printing your luggage tags is fast and easy! Beginning 75 days prior to sailing, you can print your luggage tags once the booking is paid in full and we’ve been provided with all your guest immigration information and credit card registration. Simply log-in to Cruise Personalizer® to access and print this information. Cancellation of Reservations. Cancellation notices must be received by Princess via telephone or via electronic device through a Princess-authorized Computerized Reservation System (CRS). Changes of sailing date or substitution of guest names are considered to be cancellations and new bookings. All sailing date changes and name substitutions are subject to space availability and, if accepted, are subject to the rates, discounts, cancellation fees and booking conditions in effect at the time of the change or substitution. All guests are required to pay a cancellation fee (including third and fourth berth where deposit is applicable) if they cancel their cruise, cruisetour or Cruise Plus package. Cancellation fees are based on the fare paid, excluding Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses, transfers, fuel supplement (if applicable), shore & land excursions and most special service items. The amount of cancellation fee varies based on length of sailing for cruise/cruisetour and timing of cancellation for cruise/cruisetour and Cruise Plus package, as illustrated in the schedules below. Cancellation Fees and Refunds. The following policy applies to cancellations with respect to cruise or cruisetour fare and pre-cruise and post-cruise package charges (“Total Charges”). 

Accuracy of Contents. The contents of this brochure are accurate as of the date of printing. Princess reserves the right to change any and all policies or practices described herein. Please refer to the website (princess.com) for up-to-date information. The Passage Contract will at all times govern the rights and responsibilities of Princess and all guests or cruise purchasers. ©2023. Discovery. All Rights Reserved. Discovery Channel, American Heroes Channel, Animal Planet, Destination America, Discovery Kids, Discovery Fit & Health, Discovery Family Channel, Investigation Discovery, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Science Channel, TLC, Velocity, and their respective logos are trademarks of Discovery Communications. Onboard programs and schedule subject to change. ©2023, Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. Princess®, the Princess logos, ship names, MedallionClass®, Ocean,® MedallionNet,® and other trademarks referenced herein are the trademarks of Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Ships of Bermudan and British registry.

Princess Cruise Line Parking Information

Departure for Princess Cruise Line will be via Cruise Terminal 28. Parking can be found at one of several outdoor parking garages, covered parking lots, indoor parking garages, or the is also free cruise parking at one of the many cruise friendly hotels on the island. Simply arrive the day before departure and stay as a guest at their hotel and you can safely park your car with them until you return from your cruise.

The Official Port Of Galveston Parking - Galveston Park

Our Port of Galveston discount cruise parking allows cruise passengers to reserve a parking spot when sailing out of Galveston. Find where to park in Galveston for Cruises for the port of Galveston parking. Find Parking near Galveston Cruise for Carnival and other cruises. With the pre-paid parking program, the Port is offering discounted parking rates for spots in the Port of Galveston’s official parking lots. Cruise passengers can secure a spot in advance through our online service and be sure to secure a worry free spot for parking near Galveston Cruise Port. This port parking can be used by Carnival Cruise parking. We value our customers and so if you Park by the Ports, it is safe cruise parking.

Go To the Official Port Of Galveston Parking Page

Dine When, How and Where You Like

Princess provides Personalized Dining, placing you in the driver’s seat. Arrange a formal dinner before catching a show or venture into our casual eateries at your convenience. Utilize OceanNow® to order a burger and beer that will be delivered to you as you enjoy Movies Under the Stars®. Secure reservations to maximize your dining experience, offering you more choices to relish and less time spent waiting.

Food, Drinks (and More) Delivered Wherever You Are

Whether you fancy dining on your private balcony or savoring a meal as you watch the sunset from the upper deck, it’s effortless with OceanNow®. You can order your preferred food and beverages directly through your smart device or by contacting a crew member, and we’ll promptly deliver them to your location. Guests with the Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages can take full advantage of OceanNow and room service delivery at no additional cost. So kick back, unwind, and relish the freedom from waiting in lines or navigating through crowds.

*Limitations, restrictions and conditions apply.

Learn more about Princess® MedallionClass®

Complimentary Dining - So Many Cruise Dining Options At No Extra Cost

If you’re hungry, you have options. Lots of them. Feeling fancy-ish? Our main dining rooms offer multicourse meals helmed by a waitstaff who makes sure your glasses are full and your taste buds are happy. Prefer a more casual setting? World Fresh Marketplace outshines any cruise buffet – with regional fare, chef specialty stations and familiar favorites. And don’t forget our International Café with sandwiches, soups and – you guessed it! – sweet treats.

Learn more about What’s Included

Casual Dining - Relaxed yet rewarding

These sit-down restaurants and pop-ups may not be fancy, but the food is lip-smacking good, and there’s something for everyone: meat lovers, seafood aficionados, wine connoisseurs, pub-goers, you name it. Enjoy them all for only a small fee. (Worth it.)

Specialty Dining - A Cruise Dining Experience You Won’t Want To Miss

Make any night a special occasion at our award-winning restaurants. Explore them all: comfort food with a twist at The Salty Dog Gastropub, treasured Italian recipes at Sabatini’s, next-level surf and turf at Crown Grill and Sterling Steakhouse or the Cajun-infused menu of the Bayou Café. Or dine al fresco while sipping a glass of French wine at Bistro Sur La Mer.

Learn more about Specialty Dining Restaurants

Eats That Are Included - You have so many options (that don’t cost extra!)

Our chefs do more than make your favorites (or new favorites) from scratch. They share their love of cooking with you. Choose from regional cuisine that connects you to the local culture and comfort food like, say, burgers and fries. Enjoy a sit-down meal in our main dining room or a grab-and-go snack from the fan-favorite International Café. And always ALWAYS save room for our decadent signature dessert, a chocolate hazelnut bar.

Fine Dining Options

Elegant restaurant-style dining rooms offering an amazing variety of multicourse gourmet selections… all included!

An Array of New Menu Flavors

Discover our Main Dining room menus — reimagined by our Executive Chefs and international culinary team throughout the fleet. Sail with us and savor every dish, from authentic Italian pastas to exclusive family favorites shared by world-renowned chefs, all included in your cruise fare.

Decadent Desserts

It’s your vacation, so indulge! Each evening, you’ll have your choice of delectable desserts to choose from in our dining rooms. Perennial guest favorites include the Princess Love Boat Dream, traditional New York cheesecake and create-your-own sundae. You’ll also find freshly baked made from scratch pastries offered in The Pastry Shop, Horizon Court, Amuleto and World Fresh Marketplace.

Breakfast & Lunch Dining

If you’d like a sit-down breakfast or lunch at a more relaxed pace, visit a main dining room where the menu is overflowing with choices. Soak in your surroundings and try one of our crafted dishes highlighting global flavors, with gracious wait staff to take care of your every need. Sit-down dining in our dining rooms is included with your cruise fare. Check your stateroom TV for hours of operation.

Cruise Food On Deck - Head Up to the Open Air

Our buffet plus pizza, burgers, tacos and desserts with a side order of amazing ocean views

World Fresh Marketplace

An ever-changing menu of regional specialties and comfort food favorites, fresh fruit and salads, vegetables and desserts. In our World Fresh Marketplace or Horizon Court, you’ll find easy (and easy-to-please) dining any time of day – breakfast, lunch or dinner – with waiters ready to serve you fresh offerings and bring you your favorite beverage. Our World Fresh Marketplace menu is offered in Horizon Court on select ships.

The Pastry Shop

It’s just this side of impossible: passing up the sweets and made from scratch pastries offered at the Pastry Shop in Horizon Court, World Fresh Marketplace and Amuleto. Cookies, pies, cakes, pastries … not to mention desserts that are a revelation in themselves. They’re too tempting to resist, but that’s kinda the point. You’re on vacation; enjoy!

Top-Deck Pizza by the Slice

It’s the “Best Pizza at Sea” says USA TODAY and we couldn’t agree more. Harkening back to our Italian heritage, our Neapolitan-style pizza is hand-tossed and freshly baked right on deck. From traditional margherita and pepperoni to the daily specials, you’ll find it nearly impossible to pass by without grabbing a slice – or two.

Grilled Burgers and Hot Dogs

This isn’t fast food, it’s fresh food fast – right on deck. Our burgers are homemade and buns are baked throughout the day. Enjoy a juicy cheeseburger, perhaps a brat with sauerkraut, or even a grilled chicken sandwich and other cruise food daily specials. And be sure to complement it with a side order of golden fries.

Soft-Serve Ice Cream on Deck

When you want to cool down, or just have a craving for something sweet, head on deck for complimentary soft serve chocolate or vanilla ice cream. You can also purchase handcrafted ice cream sandwiches, iced coffees and frappés at Coffee & Cones.

*Charges apply for select items.

Movie & Munchies

Watching a hit film poolside with Movies Under the Stars®? Complimentary soft-serve ice cream is only a few steps away, while servers are on hand with popcorn during nightly screenings. Want more without missing a moment of the movie? Order anything you like – a burger and beer, a slice of the best pizza at sea and a soda – with OceanNow®, and your food and drinks will find you.

*Additional charge applies for OceanNow delivery.

In the Atrium

When the craving hits, head to the heart of the ship for small bite choices that will surely satisfy

24-hour International Café

Located in the Piazza you’ll find the International Café. Open around the clock, there are always specialty coffees and something delicious to nosh on from breakfast parfaits to grilled paninis and gourmet salads, daily soups and a host of tasty desserts including freshly baked cookies. You can also get a variety of specialty coffees, teas and more.

Dining venues vary by ship and are subject to change. Beverage charges apply.

Milk & Cookies

Is there anything better than the smell of chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven? (The answer is no.) So we make sure you have that experience every day with fresh-baked cookies available around the ship, including in the International Café and our buffets. Grab an ice-cold glass of milk, and make it a moment. And if cookies aren’t your thing, you’re sure to find something sweet that is.

Specialty Dining Packages

With a Specialty Dining Package (SDP), you can conveniently sample a wide array of unique restaurants for one set price. Customize your experience by selecting the number of meals you want during your cruise. Go medium-rare at Cagney’s Steakhouse, savor délicieuse French cuisine at Le Bistro or try succulent Brazilian barbecue meats at Moderno Churrascaria. The choice is yours and the flavors endless!

Specialty Dining Packages are honored in the following restaurants: American Diner, Cagney’s Steakhouse, Food Republic, Italian, Le Bistro, Los Lobos, Moderno Churrascaria, Pincho Tapas Bar, Q Texas Smokehouse, Raw Bar, Seafood, Sushi and Teppanyaki. Dining options vary by ship.

Please read the FAQs and Terms & Conditions for more details.

Item #DescriptionPer Person Price
2UDP2-Meal Specialty Dining Package$99.00 USD
3UDP3-Meal Specialty Dining Package$139.00 USD
4UDP4-Meal Specialty Dining Package$169.00 USD
5UDP5-Meal Specialty Dining Package$199.00 USD
6UDP6-Meal Specialty Dining Package$229.00 USD
7UDP7-Meal Specialty Dining Package$259.00 USD
8UDP8-Meal Specialty Dining Package$289.00 USD
9UDP9-Meal Specialty Dining Package$319.00 USD
10UDP10-Meal Specialty Dining Package$349.00 USD
11UDP11-Meal Specialty Dining Package$379.00 USD
12UDP12-Meal Specialty Dining Package$409.00 USD
13UDP13-Meal Specialty Dining Package$439.00 USD
14UDP14-Meal Specialty Dining Package$469.00 USD

*Please call to find out pricing for sailings longer than 15 days. 20% gratuity and specialty service charge will be added at time of purchase.

Special Requests - What about special dietary needs?

If you have any food allergy or a dietary requirement that requires Kosher meals or gluten-free food product, please advise a Norwegian Reservations Agent, or your Travel Agent at the time of booking. Obtaining the product for many of these requests requires 30-days notice prior to sailing, and we want to ensure that we are able to fulfill your request. We cannot guarantee Kosher Meal requests made within 30 days of sail date. For the protection of all of our guests, it is not permissible to bring aboard any food items that would require preparation by the ship’s staff, or food items that would require cold storage in our kitchen facilities.

A Cruise Dining Experience That's Something Extra

Reconnect over a meal in our award-winning specialty restaurants

Enjoy two memorable dining experiences at our specialty restaurants included in your fare when you book Princess Premier! Learn more about our Premier cruise package

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just the simple joy of sitting down with your favorite people – over steaks cut on board by our butchers in Crown Grill, handmade pasta in Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria, or French bistro-style dining at Bistro Sur La Mer. Whatever cruise restaurant you choose, you’ll enjoy the meal and the moments spent together.

Specialty restaurant cover charge applies. Specialty restaurants, pricing, and menu items vary by ship and are subject to change.

Crown Grill

A refined steakhouse that serves aged and hand cut, cooked-to-order steaks and premium seafood, including grilled shrimp and lobster. With a rich wood décor and a theater-style open kitchen, no wonder this specialty restaurant was named among the “Best Cruise Ship Steakhouses” by USA TODAY.

Watch Crown Grill Restaurant Video

Sample Menu:
Crown Grill Menu (PDF)

Sabatini's Italian Trattoria

Love Sabatini’s? (Or really good Italian dinners?) You’ll be happy to hear this popular specialty restaurant has returned to its roots. Think traditional Italian comfort cuisine. We have a new menu that embraces the old: tried-and-true family recipes our chefs brought with them from Italy, plus exquisite Italian wines and cocktails. You can even enjoy some shareable plates exclusively at Sabatini’s Trattoria on Enchanted Princess®. ​

Learn more about Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria

Watch Sabataini’s Italian Trattoria Video

Sample Menus:
Dinner Menu (PDF) | Beverage Menu (PDF)

The Catch - by Rudi

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Chef Rudi Sodamin, head of culinary arts, created a restaurant that’s just for you. It’s a celebration of our connection with the sea, featuring a menu with everything from broils to bakes to bisques. Choose from seasonal dishes made with local ingredients (and love), a catch of the day, lobster and raw seafood bar. ​

Sample Menu:
The Catch by Rudi Menu (PDF)

Available on Enchanted Princess®, Majestic Princess®, and Sky Princess®.

Sterling Steakhouse

This is more than just a traditional steakhouse, serving the highest quality cuts of beef, including New York strip steak, Porterhouse and Filet Mignon. Voted among the “Best Cruise Ship Steakhouses” by USA TODAY.

Available on Sapphire Princess®

Sample Menu:
Sterling Steakhouse Menu (PDF)


Embark on an unparalleled adventure through the Mediterranean. This epic, seven-course journey blends storytelling with inspired visuals, rousing music, spectacular cuisine, aromatic scents and immersive technology to transport you to the hilltops of Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, Barcelona and Provence. Suite guests enjoy an exclusive invitation to a complimentary evening. For all other guests, a cover charge applies. For ages 13+.

Exclusively on Discovery Princess® and Enchanted Princess®.

Learn more about 360: An Extraordinary Experience

Chef's Table

The Chef’s Table and Chef’s Table Lumiere are extraordinary treats for both gastronomes and gourmet novices. Enjoy chatting with the Executive Chef and other guests with Champagne and hors d’oeuvres, followed by an extravagant multicourse dinner complete with wine pairings. The Executive Chef hosts the evening and provides culinary details about the menu as well as stories about career experiences.

Learn more about the Chef’s Table

Kai Sushi

An exquisitely decorated traditional sushi bar, serving up sushi and sashimi expertly prepared before your eyes. Dine at the sushi bar or enjoy an elegant cruise restaurant experience.

Available on Diamond Princess®. 

Sample Menu:
Kai Sushi Menu (PDF)

Omalley's Irish Pub

Named for Ireland’s legendary pirate queen Grace O’Malley, O’Malley’s has everything you need for a traditional Irish pub: great food, great drinks, lively music, welcoming atmosphere… and craic! (Translation: the good times that come with engaging company and conversations.) The perfect spot for celebrating with the whole family or cheering on your team over a Dubliner Burger.

Watch O’Malley’s Irish Pub Video

Available on Enchanted Princess®.

Additional charge applies.

Crab Shack

Seafood lovers, the Shack is back! This fan favorite returns in Alaska in all its shell-cracking glory with casual seafood options you won’t want to miss. Tuck into a four-course meal of whatever tickles those taste buds – popcorn shrimp, clam chowder, even an Alaska-inspired steamer pot full of crab legs, shrimp, clams and mussels. You’ll find this pop-up dining event in the World Fresh Marketplace on select ships.

Available on the Discovery Princess®, Majestic Princess®, Royal Princess®, Crown Princess®, Ruby Princess®, Grand Princess®, and Sapphire Princess® on Alaska voyages.


Harmony, a Chinese culinary journey dining experience, features an innovative menu of contemporary Chinese cuisine with a masterful balance of ingredients and flavors.

Available on Majestic Princess®.

Sample Menu:
Harmony menu (PDF)

The Salty Dog Gastropub

A warm, inviting and easygoing gastropub. Try one of our innovative gourmet creations inspired by local pub favorites or devour a signature crafted burger. Offering a unique variety of beer, whiskey and cocktail selections, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Sample Menu:
The Salty Dog Gastropub menu (PDF)

Available on Discovery Princess®, Crown Princess®, Emerald Princess®, and Ruby Princess®.

Bayou Cafe

Enjoy classic steakhouse cuisine and premium seafood in a casual setting that recalls New Orleans. Relax with a crafted cocktail or glass of wine while settling in for live musical performances on select evenings.

Available on Coral Princess® and Island Princess®. 

Sample Menu:
Bayou Cafe menu (PDF)

Ultimate Balcony Dining

Choose a luxurious breakfast or experience the “ultimate” romantic dinner at sea: a sumptuous four-course meal, including succulent lobster tail and juicy steak, your beverage of choice, hors d’oeuvres, all served right on your balcony served by our dedicated waitstaff.

This experience may be purchased pre-cruise in Cruise Personalizer online or on board by contacting room service or inquiring with a member of Food & Beverage team.

Learn more about Ultimate Balcony Dining

Royal Afternoon Tea

On select ships don’t miss Royal afternoon tea service, where you can choose from a selection of premium teas or Champagne, cookies, tea sandwiches and scones along with jams, berries and cream.

Available on Enchanted, Regal, Royal and Sky Princess® in the piazza, Diamond Princess® while in Japan (served in the dining room).

Gelateria - Serving Authentic Italian Gelato & Desserts

Take your sweet tooth on a trip to the cafés of Florence with our authentic Italian gelato. (How authentic? It’s the only one at sea certified by “Ospitalita Italian.”) Handcrafted and prepared fresh daily, this yummy treat honors Bernardo Buontalenti, the man who created it, in a shop with hand-painted tiles and other Florentine flourishes.

Learn about our Certified Italian Gelato

*Gelateria currently on board Enchanted Princess. Gelato currently on board Discovery, Regal, Royal and Sky Princess®. Additional charge applies

Our Cruise Drink Packages – Variety at a Value

We have drink packages that serve up everything from cappuccinos to craft cocktails for less

Want to save on your beverage package? Our Princess Plus and Princess Premier cruise packages include everything you love about our beverage packages and much more at a lower per day cost than buying just a beverage package! Learn more about our Plus & Premier cruise packages

Plus Beverage Package

Beverages up to $15 USD* each

Plus Beverage Package Includes:

  • Cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, specialty coffees fountain sodas, bottled water, fresh juices and healthy smoothies (juice bar), new juice bar, mocktails and crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd
  • 50 spirits, 25 wines by the glass, 25 beers, all specialty coffees & non- alcoholic drinks
  • 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)
  • 25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda

A value of $64.99 USD* per day

View Plus Beverage Package Terms & Conditions

If you purchased before December 2022 and haven’t upgraded:
View Plus Beverage Package Terms & Conditions

Premier Beverage Package

Top-shelf premium beverages up to $20 USD* each

The Premier Beverage Package includes everything the Plus Beverage Package has and:

  • Top shelf spirits, reserve wines by the glass and new high-end crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd
  • Selection of 75+ spirits, 40+ wines by the glass, 20+ high-end, crafted cocktails
  • Premier wines by the glass including Duckhorn, Stag’s Leap, Grgich Hills and Cattier Champagne
  • Private Woodford Reserve Bourbon Selection created exclusively for Princess
  • Personalized Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Single Barrel Select
  • 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)
  • 25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda

A value of $84.99 USD* per day

View Premier Beverage Package Terms & Conditions

If you purchased before December 2022 and haven’t upgraded:
View Premier Beverage Package Terms & Conditions

Princess Plus – Save 57% when you bundle with Wi-Fi, crew appreciation and more.
Princess Premier – Save 69% when you bundle with Wi-Fi, photos, specialty dining and more.
Learn more about our Plus & Premier cruise packages

No-Alcohol Drink Packages

Zero Alcohol Package

Enjoy premium and specialty coffees and teas along with sodas, fresh juices and healthy smoothies (juice bar), hot chocolate, “zero-proof” mocktails, bottled water, San Pellegrino, Evian and Red Bull Energy Drinks througout your entire cruise with this zero-alcohol beverage package.

The Zero-Alcohol Drink Package is $29.99 USD* per person, per day.

Available for purchase on board or for booked guests in Cruise Personalizer.

View Zero-Alcohol Drink Package terms & conditions.

Classic Soda Package

This package includes all sodas, fruit juices, mocktails and smoothies.

The Classic Soda Package is $14.99 USD* per person, per day

Available for purchase on board or for booked guests in Cruise Personalizer.

View Classic Soda Package terms and conditions.

*Price listed is in USD and excludes service charge. An 18% service charge will be applied to all itineraries excluding Australia. Purchase price may vary due to currency exchange rates. Beverage package charges are calculated based on the total number of days of your cruise. Packages must be purchased for full length of voyage, cannot be shared, are non-transferable and are non-refundable within 3 days of sailing.

Please note product offerings may vary on voyages departing from and returning to Australia and New Zealand.


Cocktails, Crafted Just for You

Cocktails with a Story

Our expert Mixologist, Rob Floyd, has refreshed the cocktail menus across the entire Princess fleet using his unique blend of knowledge, technique and flair for storytelling. Exclusive cocktails from the master himself join guest favorites with locally inspired flavors to create moments remembered long beyond the last day of the voyage.

Watch Rob Floyd video

Fresh Is an Ingredient

Rob Floyd’s signature cocktails are made with freshly squeezed citrus, fruit muddled in the glass and carefully chosen herbs for a drinking experience unlike any other. From light and fruit-forward to crisp, complex and engaging, each bar has cocktails created just for its unique atmosphere. Come see what’s new!

Learn how to make our new cocktails

Good Spirits® At Sea

It’s the place where every drink is an experience and tells a story, connecting you to those around you and regional flavors around the world. Based on Good Spirits, the popular TV series that traveled to far-away destinations in search of local ingredients for original cocktails, our lively bar is the perfect place to explore new drinks. Our onboard mixologist immerses you in the culture of your chosen destination as he crafts your cocktail. Catch the original series on the MedallionClass® app or your stateroom TV.

Calling All Wine Lovers

World-class in Every Glass

Curated for your enjoyment, our award-winning wine assortment offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a wine lover or a wine novice, you’ll find top selections from the world’s best wine regions — and at every price point. From Chilean Cabernets to New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, immerse yourself in the globe’s diverse wine regions and cultures. Raise a glass to over 100 new wines on our fleetwide menus featuring biodynamic, organic and sustainable, rare vintages, women winemakers and more!

Partners in Wine

Grab a seat at the table for new experiences with some of the world’s leading vintners. We’ve partnered with two iconic Napa Valley-based wineries: Silverado Vineyards and Caymus Vineyards. Each experience brings you chef-designed multicourse meals perfectly paired with wine for the optimal experience. Exclusive to Princess guests, these food and wine dinners will expand your palate. Book your spot at these limited-space gourmet events on the app or call the Dine Line.

Discover more about these exclusive epicurean experiences:

Watch Wine Lovers Video

Silverado Winemaker Dinner Menu (PDF)

Caymus Vineyards Winemaker Dinner Menu (PDF)

Good Times, Fine Wines

Let our very own sommeliers help you discover your next favorite vintage. A Princess wine tasting is the ultimate way to explore new varietals from all over the world. You’ll enjoy a diverse selection of premium wines — for all palates and prices. And each is paired with a savory canapé to enhance your experience.

We take wine seriously, so we’re proud to announce our onboard dining room received the prestigious Wine Spectator’s 2023 Award of Excellence.

Even More Cruise Drinks to Enjoy

Premium Lavazza Coffee

Start your day or end a meal with your coffee-based beverage of choice, thanks to our new partnership with Lavazza. Enjoy a made-from-scratch pastry with your coffee at breakfast from the International Café or recharge with an iced frappé at Coffee & Cones. Savor a fresh cup of coffee any time you crave it, and delight in specialty espresso drinks prepared by professional baristas. A full menu of espresso-based selections are available on board and can be customized to suit your taste.

Afternoon Tea

Indulge in a traditional afternoon tea service, served on board daily, complete with tea sandwiches, cookies, scones and the classic hearty jams and rich, creamy spreads. Choose from a selection of flavorful teas and relax in an elegant dining room.

What you need to know before visiting Galveston

Operating out of Galveston Island, the Port of Galveston is at the heart of cruise life and sits in the West Bay at the beginning of the Houston Ship Channel. This port currently has 3 cruise terminals and serves, on average, over 1 million cruise passengers a year. Located on Harborside Drive in Galveston, the port is connected to the mainland via the San Luis Pass toll bridge and Interstate 45.  The city’s cruise industry has grown significantly over the years, making it a key player in the Gulf of Mexico cruise market.

Galveston Island

Galveston - Destination details

Captivating destination that offers a blend of rich history, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and numerous activities for visitors

Galveston Cruise Terminals

Terminals and Transportation

Uncover terminal insights and explore the diverse transportation choices for a hassle-free cruise departure. Get ready to set sail!

Galveston Beach

Cruise FAQs

Are you planning a cruise adventure from Galveston but have a boatload of questions? You’re in the right place! This FAQ page is your one-stop source for everything you need to know about cruises departing from Galveston.

Itinerary for Galveston

Before Cruising Itinerary

Relax and Explore Galveston by visiting some of the most delicious seafood restaurants and steak houses in the area, or explore the iconic Moody Gardens and Pleasure Pier.

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