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Cinco De Mayo in Galveston

On May 4th, 2024, Galveston will burst into a colorful celebration as the annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, hosted by the United Latin America Citizens (LULAC) Council #151, takes center stage at the historic Galveston County Courthouse (722 21st St.) With a vibrant lineup of cultural performances, live music, traditional cuisine, and a showcase of Latin American artisans, this event promises an immersive experience that honors Latina and Mexican heritage while making a meaningful impact on the community. 

Folklorico Performances

The heart of the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta beats with the rhythmic and captivating performances of Folklorico dancers. These skilled artists, adorned in traditional attire, will take the stage to share the vibrant and diverse dance forms that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Mexico. Get ready to be enchanted by the grace and beauty of this mesmerizing art form.

Folklorico Dancers

Itzcoatl Tezcatlipoca-Danza Azteca

Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of Aztec culture with the powerful and symbolic dance performances by Itzcoatl Tezcatlipoca-Danza Azteca. The rhythmic beats and intricate movements of this ceremonial dance group provide a unique, beautiful, and educational experience this Cinco de Mayo.

Local Artisans

Support local Latin American artisans by shopping at the on-site vendors. Talented artisans will display and sell their handcrafted treasures, including jewelry, textiles, and intricate crafts. It’s an opportunity for attendees to support local artists while taking home one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the beauty of Latin American craftsmanship.

Live entertainment

The fiesta’s vibrant spirit extends to the live music performances featuring local and regional artists. From traditional melodies to contemporary beats, the sounds of Latin America will fill the air, creating a lively atmosphere that invites attendees to dance, celebrate, and enjoy the rich musical heritage of the region.

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo

Satisfy your taste buds with a culinary journey through Mexican and Latin American traditional foods from local vendors. From savory street tacos to sweet churros, the diverse array of dishes ensures there’s something for every palate. Indulge in the authentic flavors and aromas that make Mexican and Latin American cuisine so beloved.

Cinco de Mayo

Support Galveston LULAC Scholarships this Cinco de Mayo

An integral aspect of LULAC’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is its commitment to education. All proceeds from the event contribute to LULAC Scholarships, supporting the educational aspirations of young Latin Americans within the community. By participating in this festive celebration, attendees not only enjoy a day of cultural immersion but also actively contribute to the advancement of education for outstanding individuals.

See you in Galveston for the LULAC #151 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

As May 4th approaches, mark your calendars for a day filled with rich culture, lively entertainment, and community engagement at LULAC’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in Galveston. Whether you’re enchanted by Folklorico, captivated by Danza Azteca, savoring delicious, traditional foods, or discovering treasures from local artisans, this celebration is a testament to the rich cultural heritage that unites and strengthens the community. Come join the festivities, revel in the vibrant atmosphere, and contribute to a brighter future through the support of LULAC Scholarships. ¡Viva la fiesta!

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